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Stevens Office Plants Designs is a woman-owned business whose clients range from homeowners to Fortune 500 companies. We have provided the D.C. Metro area with distinctive indoor plantscapes and superior maintenance services since 2011. We take pride in all that we do.

Owner Liz Stevens has been a plant professional since 2006.

Liz Stevens

I am, at heart, an artist.

Plants and flowers are my media, their diversity my palette, and the interior space my canvas. 

I like to weave the eclectic and unexpected into my designs. For instance, I might use an antique hand eggbeater as a vehicle for an air plant in a café, or trail a vine on fishing line to form a web on a hotel wall. 

If a room has sleek, clean surfaces, I may choose a group of pots and plants to add pops of color, texture and height, transforming a chilly environment into something warm and welcoming.

Plantscapes can support a client's brand or blend seamlessly into their surroundings.
My approach goes further to combine nature and design into living works of art.

More About Liz

I grew up in Connecticut, and my family loved spending time in the woods; that's where my passion for nature began. After high school, I worked as a waiter and advanced to managing several high-end restaurants in Seattle, while attending college. 

I earned a degree in forest management from the University of Washington and worked at the Seattle Arboretum after graduation. 

In 2003, I moved to Maryland with my new family. Once my daughter started school, I was hired by a plant care company and soon supervised over one hundred clients. 

I started Stevens Office Plants Designs to pursue a vision of artfully bringing the natural world into the places where people work, live, and play. 

I love to cook, garden, hike, read and spend time with friends, family and my wonderful daughter. 

Life is good.


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